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DCS F/A-18C Realistic Carrier Startup Procedure

DCS F/A-18C Realistic Carrier Startup Procedure

*** THIS VIDEO WAS MADE WITH THE FIRST BUILD OF THE HORNET*** DCS World 2.5 Welcome everyone to my F/A-18C carrier startup procedure that has been verified by hornet drivers. I used the NATOPS and experience from several hornet drivers to make the most detailed startup video. I would like to thank those that have helped me put this video together, and for those that have served our country. I did forget to uncage the standby attitude indicator so make sure you do that. Remember this module is still in early access. Enjoy! Deedle Deedle! Notes from the hornet instructor: -we do the control checks with the rudders, then The PC will signal to set stab trim. -if the tail is over water, the Hook cannot be lowered as it will damage it. After the PC hands you off to the yellow shirt, they’ll taxi you forward, then give you the hook down signal to check it with the tail over the flight deck. -JBD is a Jet blast deflector -Spread wings typically when taxiing over JBD toward cat. I might have confused you on that one before. Chucks F/A-18C Guide : Skatezilla's Pukin Dogs Livery: Lex Talionis YouTube: Want to support my channel? Check out my patreon account. I no longer stream on Youtube but I'm on Twitch! Come join the crew! **************Current Specs***************** CPU: i7-8700k 5.0ghz MOBO: ASUS Maximus Hero X WIFI CPU Cooler: Kraken X62 Video Card 1: ASUS Strix Nvidia GTX 1070 HD: Samsung 512 MB M.2 SSD HD: Samsung 512 MB SSD HD: WD 4TB 7200 RPM HD RAM: 32GB G.Skull 3200mhz HOTAS: Warthog HOTAS TrackIR 5 with Proclip MFG Crosswind Rudder Pedals Blue Yeti Microphone ***************************************************** Thanks for your support!
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