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We are a virtual squadron of the Virtual Naval Air Operations (VNAO) organization, and our aim is to learn, train and replicate the operations, tactics and procedures of the well-known US Navy Strike-Fighter squadron, and have fun in the process.  As with all VNAO squadrons, we use Eagle Dynamic’s Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) as our simulator platform, and the DCS F/A-18C Hornet as our primary aircraft.

Our squadron is very diverse in both its members and its missions.  Our pilots are from a myriad of locations and regions around the world and our flight training and missions include air-to-air taskings (such as interdictions and fighter sweeps), and air to ground roles, such as CAS, SEADs and strike missions.  Flight and military experience also vary within our squadron, to include a few real-world pilots, in addition to both active duty service members and prior-serving veterans.

“Why the Argos?” you might ask.  The real life VFA-147 Argonauts have had a rich history, and a proven track record of excellence and success.  From its role in pioneering key F/A-18 Hornet capabilities, such as night attack operations, to becoming the first operational squadron to transition to the new F-35C Joint Strike Fighter, the Argos have consistently led the way.  A few of their awards and accolades include:

1994:     Won an unprecedented 12 of 14 CVW-9 "Top Hook" awards for landing grade proficiency


1994:     Received the 1994 Scott Kirby Award for excellence in the air-to-ground arena

2000:     VFA-147 received the 2000 and 2001 Boola-Boola award for air-to-air missile capability


2002:     Received the Battle E, recognizing the Argonauts as the top squadron in the Pacific Strike Fighter Wing


2007:     Awarded the Battle "E“ and was named the Navy's top F/A-18C Hornet Squadron for 2007 earning the Capt. Michael J. Estocin award for      meritorious achievement by an F/A-18C Squadron during their 2007 combat cruise


2009:     Earning the 2009 Golden Wrench Award


2009:     CVW-9 Top Nugget as well as CVW-9 Top Hook overall for excellence in landing grades


2009:     VFA-147 was awarded the 2009 Pacific Arleigh Burke Fleet Trophy for their enormous strides in battle efficiency since their transition to the F/A-18E Super Hornet


2013:     The Argonaut pilots also demonstrated superior landing performance and brought home the Top Hook award for the entire cruise


1995, 2002, 2009 & 2013:     Won the LTJG Bruce Carrier Award for Excellence in Maintenance

Source: VFA-147 Argonauts home page-

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